Nick Jonas

Name: Nicholas Jerry Jonas

Nick-Name: Nick, Mr. President, and Nick J.

Date of Birth: September 16th, 1992

Place of Birth: Dallas, Texas

Height: 5'6"

Star Sign: Virgo

Chinese Horoscope: Monkey

Family: Parents- Kevin (Paul) Jonas Sr. and Denise Jonas.

Siblings- Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas, and Frankie Jonas.

Hobbies: songwriting, baseball, collecting baseball cards, tennis, and golf.

Instruments: guitar, piano, and drums.

Favorite Food: Steak

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Ice Cream: Cotton Candy

Favorite Sport: Baseball

Favorite Band/Artist: Switchfoot

Favorite Song: Supersticious

Favorite Actor: Matt Long

Favorite Actress: Keri Lynn Pratt

Favorite Movie: Finding Neverland

Favorite T.V. Show: Lost and Sports Center.


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